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Bring your dirty render back to new

It’s a common misconception that a dirty rendered surface needs to be re-pained to bring it back to life, while painting will make the surface look new again, without cleaning the surface first algae and bacteria will continue to grow under the surface of the paint destroying your new paintwork in very quick time.

In most cases professionally cleaned render will bring the surface back to its original appearance without needing a new coat of paint. Either way, it’s best to get it cleaned no matter your approach.

K-Rend, Monocouche and Weber Render can all benefit from softwash cleaning. A chemical cleaning process that is very gentle to the material its cleaning but produces instant results by leaning and killing all organic growth on the surface. It’s also the recommended method for all manufacturers.

Considerably more cost-effective than re-painting, soft washing could be the perfect solution to return your house to its former glory while increasing its curb appeal.

Commercial buildings can also benefit from soft wash cleaning.
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