Patio cleaning

Overtime our garden Patios become dirty from a build-up of bacteria, algae and general grime.

Not only do these become slip hazards, frankly, just isn’t nice to sit on during those warm summer days.

Here at LB Pressure Washing, we take great pride in bringing your Garden Patio back to life, restoring its natural look.

Firstly, we make an assessment of your patio cleaning requirements, making note of the type of material your patio is made from as this will dictate how we clean the surface.

We then apply a commercial cleaning solution that will help loosen any hard baked-on surface staining.

If appropriate for the patio surface we will then use our high pressure, industrial cleaning equipment with temperatures up to 150 Celsius to wash away all surface dirt.

Final chemical treatment is then applied to kill off any lichen spores  that are embedded into the surface of your patio, while also providing an extra clean shine to the surface.

Finally, we make sure we clean down any surfaces that may have been splashed from the pressure washing cleaning process and if appropriate returning after a day of drying to apply a patio sealer or resanding of block paving.

Patio Cleaning
Patio Cleaning

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